Become a Professional Caregiver

4 Weeks to change your future!

The Certified Professional Caregiver Program was designed specifically with the in-home caregiver in mind. Unlike a CNA course which focuses mainly on how to provide care in a facility setting, this program prepares individuals to provide care in a one on one in-home setting. Majority of in-home caregivers perform their duties without direct supervision. Yes, they may be able to call or email a superior with a question but are mainly alone when working with a patient. That is why an in-home caregiver must be able to assess situations and act accordingly with little direction or assistance. This course is for individuals who are providing in-home care to the elderly population.

The Certified Professional Caregiver™ Program teaches caregivers to treat the whole person. This means caring for the person as a physical, psychological, and social being. During the 4 week program you will learn skills, and techniques that deal with the following categories:

  • Physical Care
  • Psychological Care 
  • Social Care
  • Professionalism and Employment 
  • Emergency 

Step Up Your Game

If you are thinking about your career and love helping others, care-giving could be a good fit! This is one of the most rewarding and challenging professions.  It can be intimidating if you are the only person providing care for another.  In-home caregivers need to be prepared for a myriad of situations, they need to know how to differentiate between a life threatening situation and a non-life treating situation.  The Certified Professional Caregiver Program provides proper training for in-home caregivers, which will help them be able to assess situations, provided proper care, and act fast in an emergency

All Certified Professional Caregivers will leave the program with:

  • A uniform
  • Adult and Child CPR/First Aide/ AED certified
  • The skills and knowledge to handle themselves ethically, and professionally when providing in-home care

Next Course Beginning March 10th @ Blue Ridge Community College

If you would like to learn more please contact

Rebekah Blum – Course Developer
Phone: 443-280-1919

You may also complete the form on this page, one of our course leaders will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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How much does this program cost?

Tuition is: FREE to $1,990.00. This program has been approved for WV HEAPS funding. What this means is for students that qualify financially they would be able to take this program at little to no cost to them. All you need to do is complete the HEAPS Agreement, the Program Application and submit forms before deadline.

How can I find out if I qualify for HEAPS Funding?

Students that are interested in taking this training and applying for HEAPS funding need to simply complete the course  application and the HEAPS agreement forms listed below.

To properly complete these forms you should:

  1. Download both forms listed above
  2. Complete each form
  3. Email completed forms to:  

I am interested but have some questions about the program, who should I contact?

Are you thinking about making a change and are interested in the program, but still have some questions? If that is the case you may contact:

Rebekah Blum
Professional Caregiver Program Developer
Phone: 443-280-1919

I want to enroll in the program, who should I contact?

The Professional Caregiver Program is currently being offered at Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.

Cynthia Hull –Miller, Ed.S.
Dean of Career Advancement Education
Phone: 304-260-4380 ext. 2405