Maximize Your Potential

If you are thinking about becoming an in-home caregiver, or you are already working but want to learn more, The Certified Professional Caregiver Program  was made for you! This 4 week program will teach you how to properly care for individuals in their homes.

Understanding Dementia

It is our goal to raise awareness and help spread knowledge, understanding, and empathy for those living with dementia, by offering the Day of Dementia Alzheimer’s Experience through out our community.

Partner with Us

As we work to help spread knowledge, share resources, and give support to caregivers around the world, we will also be working to build strategic partnerships with leaders in the healthcare industry, with the same desire to assist those who provide care for people everyday.

Helping those who help others

Professional Caregivers Associations is a source of information, education opportunities, community resources, and learning tools  for caregivers to use when they need them. We are currently working on gathering valuable and helpful resources for you to use when you need them.

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